Ordinacija dentalne medicine

Dental practice



Mr. Sci. dr. Renata Poropat Pavicic, Master of Science in Medical Sciences, and a dentist, after completion of her studies in 1992, doing a regular internship at the PGC Health centre, and having passed the professional exam in 1993., she was teaching a class at Medical High School in Rijeka, programme - dental technician.

In 1995, she opened her own dental practice. In 1996., she acquired the title of Master of Science in Medical Sciences, on the subject of Oral health.

Regular professional training and education in Croatia, and the arrival of specialists from different branches of dental medicine, allow the practice to provide the services of a complete dental program, at a high level.

The practice is equipped with all necessary therapeutic and diagnostic devices, which allow and facilitate faster and easier diagnostics, and with which a comfortable, better and high-quality therapeutic results are being achieved. Patient care is presented in our daily work, because we love what we do, and our biggest success is satisfaction of all our patients.

The expertise is recognized by many of our patients, and as such we are valued in our activities. Mr. Sci. dr. Renata Poropat Pavicic is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, and is a contractual physician of CIHI